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Liquid IV makes a version of its signature hydration supplement for kids

Liquid Iv Hydration Multiplier For Kids

Liquid IV is arguably the primary driver behind the drastically increased competitiveness of the hydration space, with its signature sports nutrition supplement, Hydration Multiplier. The stick pack product has been around for many years and seen several competitors enter the now extremely popular category in that time, but it has done plenty of innovation of its own, recently releasing a sugar-free option and, this week, Hydration Multiplier For Kids.

Kids-sized hydration supplement

As the name of Liquid IV’s latest supplement suggests, Hydration Multiplier For Kids is indeed a version of its original electrolyte-fueled hydration product, designed specifically for the next generation. Interestingly, looking at its nutrition facts and comparing it to the regular Hydration Multiplier, the two supplements pretty much have identical formulas, featuring all of the same main ingredients and a similar balance of dosages with electrolytes for improved hydration and vitamins for general health.

The big difference between Liquid IV’s Hydration Multiplier For Kids and Hydration Multiplier is that the former has 8g of powder per stick pack while the latter has 16g, so it’s half the size. You can see the similarities in the nutrition facts for yourself, as Hydration Multiplier For Kids has 250mg of sodium versus the original’s 500mg, precisely double, 37mg of vitamin C compared to 76mg, which is close to half, 190mg of potassium to 370mg.

Liquid Iv Hydration Multiplier For Kids

Price and flavor options

The price of Hydration Multiplier For Kids is $11.70 for eight stick packs versus Hydration Multiplier’s $24.99 for 16. That is a similar price per stick, but again, you get almost the same formula at half the amount. That doesn’t work out to as great of a value compared to splitting a single stick of the regular product in half and counting its boxes as 32 servings. Hydration Multiplier For Kids is better considered a smaller, kid-friendly size.

Formulas aside, there are some interesting flavors on the menu of Liquid IV’s Hydration Multiplier For Kids, with five tastes to choose from. There is Tropical Punch and Concord Grape, already available for Hydration Multiplier, then some completely new options in Banana, Crisp Apple, and a sweet-sounding Cotton Candy. Again, the ingredients are the same as Hydration Multiplier, so if adults want to give them a try they can, which is something Liquid IV has mentioned on social saying, “While these are the perfect size for little ones, we know adults might want to try some flavors too!”