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Two more extensions confirmed for Obvi’s recently revamped signature supplement

Obvi Blue Lemon More Than Collagen

When it comes to innovation, Obvi has proven over the few years it’s been on the market that it has no trouble turning up the dial and pumping out a variety of creative products. Since winning our Brand Of The Year award back in 2021, Obvi has not been as fast-paced but has still been keeping things interesting. It recently introduced its GreenSelect-powered Collagenic Burn Elite and the refined More Than Collagen, which debuted at Walmart.

Those supplements are both significant efforts from Obvi, but are far from all it’s been working on behind the scenes. The brightly colored brand in pink has revealed it has already figured out an extension for its revitalized collagen competitor, More Than Collagen. That product is now available at Walmart in three flavors with a refreshing Watermelon and two tastes from the menu of its original Super Collagen Protein in Fruity Cereal and Cocoa Cereal.

Obvi has unveiled flavor number four for More Than Collagen, the supplement’s first-ever flavor extension, in another fruity recipe along the same lines as Watermelon in the blueberry and lemon combination, Blue Lemon. An unflavored option has also been confirmed as coming soon to More Than Collagen, something that’ll be easier to mix into a shake or smoothie, and a strong start to Obvi’s still very new flagship collagen-powered product.