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Orgain attempts a classic fruity cereal experience in the latest flavor creation of its organic protein

Orgain Fruity Cereal Organic Protein

The completely organic active nutrition brand Orgain is another frequent competitor when it comes to releasing intriguing and occasionally special edition flavors, particularly for its signature protein powder, Orgain Organic Protein. We just saw the brand do exactly that a few months back in the deliciously unique Churro Caramel Swirl Organic Protein, and with fall right around the corner, we imagine its annual seasonal Pumpkin Spice Orgain Protein will be returning shortly.

While fall is almost in full swing, this post is not about the return of Pumpkin Spice but an entirely new flavor creation Orgain has put together for its flagship protein powder, playing into a bit of nostalgia and attempting to replicate the classic bowl of colorful cereal. The brand has put together a Fruity Cereal Organic Protein, seemingly attempting a Froot Loops-like experience but in the form of a shake with 21g of plant protein, no added sugar, and a reasonable 150 calories.

Organic’s Fruity Cereal Organic Protein is in stock over at, and as unique and special edition as it looks and sounds, it isn’t being promoted as a limited launch. Directly from the brand, the flavor extension will cost you $26.99, which isn’t a lot, but that is only for a small 1lb tub with far fewer than the usual 30 servings at ten.

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