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Prime Energy officially debuts in Canada with a lower 140mg of caffeine a can

Prime Energy Officially Launches In Canada

Sales and distribution of the original Prime Hydration drink have grown substantially since its launch, which has also been the case for its much newer and 2023-released Prime Energy. As per the name, that is a caffeinated, carbonated energy drink packing 200mg of caffeine in a slim and sleek 12oz can. That formula was altered slightly when it became available in the UK, with the brand dropping the caffeine by 30% to 140mg.

Prime recently made its official debut in Canada, and like the Prime Energy drink in the UK, the brand from Logan Paul and KSI has tailored the beverage to suit the market’s rules and regulations. Canadian fans of Prime and energy drinks in general, have been given a version of Prime Energy with that lower 140mg of caffeine, as opposed to 200mg, B vitamins, 37.5mg of taurine, no sugar, and a reasonably low total of ten calories a can.

Four of the six flavors of the Prime Energy drink have been spotted in Canada at the likes of Circle K, in Lemon Lime, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Watermelon, and the two-month-old Ice Pop. The product comes with a “Health Canada” banner on the front of its can and has all of its details written in both English and French. Those details, alongside the lower level of caffeine, make it easy to distinguish the Prime Energy specifically produced for Canada from a can imported over from the US.

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