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Fuel Cakes from Rob Lipsett are returning shortly and will be better than ever

Rob Lipsett Updating Fuel Cakes

Almost two years ago, fitness influencer Rob Lipsett introduced his own functional food company, although it wasn’t anything to do with your traditional protein bar or really any sort of on-the-go protein-packed snack. Lipsett introduced his product-named Fuel Cakes, a baking mix for you to conveniently and easily make high-protein pancakes in your own kitchen with 18g of protein a serving, 21g of carbohydrates, and 158 calories.

This coming Friday, Rob Lipsett and Fuel Cakes are making a return, and it’s promising to be a big one. According to the pair, the protein pancake brand is going to be “back and better than ever”, suggesting it has been hard at work improving its recipe for a better overall pancake-eating experience. As you can see in the image above, Fuel Cakes has also changed things up on the outside, giving its pancake mix a completely new look.

The upcoming revamp promises a little less protein than Rob Lipsett’s original Fuel Cakes at 14g in the same size serving, which is something brands tend to do — lower the protein — when they attempt to improve the taste and texture of a functional offering. More information about the promising relaunch will be out this coming Friday, with availability expected either around the same time or following close behind the announcement.