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I Am F*cked Up expands into capsule format with a spin-off that also supports weight loss

Swedish Supplements I Am Fcked Up Spike Edition

I Am Fucked Up is a uniquely named product from the team at the hardcore European brand Swedish Supplements, which began as a pre-workout but has since expanded into an energy shot and, more recently, an energy drink. The bold brand has taken I Am Fucked Up in another direction this month, rolling out a fat-burning capsule variant of the product, and it goes by the name I Am Fucked Up Spike Burn Edition.

Swedish Supplements’ I Am Fucked Up Spike Burn Edition is mostly made up of energy and focus ingredients, similar to the product family’s beverage options, the I Am Fucked Up Energy Drink and Headshot. The Spike Burn Edition comes with 250mg of tyrosine, 300mg each of the premium caffeine-free energizing ingredients Zynamite and enXtra, and 300mg of caffeine from caffeine anhydrous and Coffeine coffee bean.

There are two components that turn Swedish Supplements I Am Fucked Up Spike Burn Edition into a hybrid metabolism and weight loss-supporting experience, and those are olive leaf at 8mg in a two-capsule serving and 12mg of grains of paradise. The brand then tops it off with an effective 50mg dose of AstraGin to improve and enhance absorption and, in turn, elevate the efficacy and results of the capsule product as a whole.

Up until I Am Fucked Up Spike Burn Edition, the entire I Am Fucked Up family of supplements was centered around energy and focus, as seen in the original pre-workout as well as the energy drink and energy shot, with Swedish Supplements clearly showing it can take things in other directions with Spike Burn Edition. The product is available now with 30 servings a bottle or 60 if you want just the single capsule experience.