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Trained By JP keeps the flavors coming with a classic biscuit creation for its protein blend

Trained By Jp Custard Cream Performance Protein

Jordan Peters’ brand Trained By JP Nutrition has been rather busy recently, not adding any completely new supplements to its selection but expanding the menus of many of its products, and not by a single option. Early last month, the brand launched two more flavors for its premium ISO Pro protein powder, five for its blend-style Performance Protein, and the same two flavors for two of its pre-workouts in Prepare Pro and Pumpage.

If you’re like us and thought Trained By JP Nutrition would be slowing things down anytime soon, you’d be wrong, as here in the first week of August, the busy sports nutrition brand is back in the headlines with another addition to Performance Protein. Following the five it added to the list of options for the product last month, Trained By JP is welcoming Custard Cream, based on the classic creamy sandwich biscuit of the same name.

Trained By JP Nutrition’s latest sports nutrition product is available straight through its online store at, where Custard Cream is in stock alongside Performance Protein’s mountain of other flavors at £49.99 (63.48 USD) for a 2kg bag of a strong 66 servings, each with around 22g of protein and a reasonable 120 calories or so.