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Tsunami’s standalone creatine finally gets some flavor and there are five of them

Tsunami Nutrition Special Edition Creatine Flavors

Tsunami Nutrition in Europe currently has the one creatine supplement on the market named Creatine Micro Pure, which is a standalone product featuring only creatine monohydrate to support muscle strength, performance, and power. The supplement is available in two sizes, a 250g tub and a double-sized half a kilogram option, in unflavored powder, although beginning this month, there are now actual flavors to choose from.

Creatine Micro Pure has welcomed not one or two but five tastes, most of them fruit-based, and they fall under a collection called the Special Edition Series, still keeping it nice and simple on the formula side, featuring just creatine monohydrate. The flavors that have joined Tsunami Nutrition’s creatine menu are Blueberry Candy, Watermelon, Banana Pineapple, Peach, and the only non-fruity creation in the candy-themed Lollipop.

Tsunami Nutrition is rolling out the five different flavors in its Special Edition Series of Creatine Micro Pure to all of its usual stockists, including its own online store, where the smaller 250g tub of the supplement is €21.90, and the 500g alternative comes in slightly more cost-effective at €39.90.