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Electrolyte-powered product is also on the cards and coming to V1 Nutra’s Vital Series

V1 Nutra Vital Series Electrolytes

Konlan James’ V1 Nutra recently announced it would be coming out with extensions to its straightforward selection of supplements, separate from any of its current offerings, like its pre-workouts V1, Nitrum, and Pump X. The brand started what it calls the Vital Series at the beginning of the year with Micronized Creatine, which Glycerol and L-Citrulline will soon join, and this week we’ve learned, Electrolytes it also on the way.

Similar to Micronized Creatine, Glycerol, and L-Citrulline, the upcoming Electrolytes from V1 Nutra will be a basic supplement, not relying on an overly complex formula, getting right to the point and primarily featuring electrolytes to improve hydration and performance. Hydration has become a beast of a category over the past year or two, with new entries in the space lately coming from brands of all sizes at least once a week.

V1 Nutra has said its Vital Series Electrolytes will come with a cost-effective price, similar to the other supplements in the collection, further confirming it’ll be on the simpler side of things and not pack too much, if anything, outside of the title feature. Glycerol and L-Citrulline are due to launch later this month, so within the next couple of weeks, and we suspect Electrolytes will be arriving alongside them; if not, then soon after.