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Vast puts Cluster Dextrin in a tub of bulk unflavored powder for easier stacking

Vast Pro Carbs

Vast in Europe has another entirely new supplement for 2023, following its recently released fat burner Oxy Heat and the standalone powder product Citrulline. The extensive brand’s latest is more on the side of Citrulline, as it’s relatively simple and straightforward. The supplement is named Pro Carbs, and it is indeed a carbohydrate-based entry featuring only one ingredient and nothing for flavor, making it easier to stack.

Pro Carbs from Vast is basically a bulk tub of premium Cluster Dextrin branded highly branched cyclic dextrin, served how ever you please, whether that be a 30g serving for 30g of carbohydrates and 120 calories or a 50g scoop for 50g of carbs at 200 calories. The carbs are entirely from Cluster Dextrin, not a blend of multiple sources or anything like that.

As with any and all of Vast’s sports nutrition supplements, Pro Carbs is available directly through its online store at €29.90 (32.97 USD), and that’ll get you a tub of 900g or 2lbs of powder, giving you 30 servings at the 30g a piece or if you shift up to 50g a serving, you’ll 18 uses out of it.