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Live Strong Live Free adds creatine and CellFlo6 to Vince’s Muscle Shop’s current pre-workout

Vinces Muscle Shop Live Strong Live Pre Workout

We recently shared details on the retailer and brand Vince’s Muscle Shop, splitting its well-rounded, multi-benefit testosterone booster Old Mans Tune-Up into two separate supplements in Immune Caps and DAA Formula. It turns out that’s not all Vince and his team have been working on, as the brand’s pre-workout, simply named Vince’s Muscle Shop Pre-Workout, has also undergone some changes and is about to be relaunched.

Instead of continuing the original title of the supplement, the sequel to Vince’s Muscle Shop Pre-Workout is going to be called Live Strong Live Free Pre-Workout, with the American flag big and in full color covering the front of the product. Similar to the outside, the brand hasn’t made a drastic amount of changes on the inside, carrying over all of the previous version’s ingredients and dosages for a comprehensive pre-workout experience.

Vinces Muscle Shop Live Strong Live Pre Workout Label

The many components Vince’s Muscle Shop has kept the same for its Live Strong Live Free Pre-Workout include 6g of pure citrulline, a gram of Hydromax glycerol, and half a gram of agmatine for pumps, and 2.5g of beta-alanine plus newly added creatine HCl and CellFlo6 for performance. The familiar features the brand has in the supplement to increase and enhance energy and focus are 20mg of noopept, 200mg of theobromine, a gram of tyrosine, and the same 275mg of caffeine from anhydrous and di-caffeine malate.

Basically, everything in Vince’s Muscle Shop’s current competitor in the pre-workout category is in the new and upcoming Live Strong Live Free, with the addition of 750mg of creatine HCl and 300mg of CellFlo6; in turn, making for a better overall pre-workout no matter which way you look at it. The legendary supplement retailer and brand is officially launching the sequel product next month for a similar price to its predecessor’s $38 for 30 servings.