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Europa begins distributing Applied Nutrition’s internationally successful sports drink

Abe Fuel Sports Drink Goes Into Distribution

Applied Nutrition’s successful sports drink Bodyfuel, which just spawned an energizing spin-off in the Bodyfuel Energy Drink, also recently hit the US, expanding its selection of products in the highly competitive market and under a slightly different name. The UK company introduced Bodyfuel as ABE Fuel in America to fit with its alternative approach in the region, where it centers everything around the title of its pre-workout ABE.

The latest news from Applied Nutrition, in its almost weekly feature in headlines, is that you can expect to start seeing the electrolyte and vitamin-powered ABE Fuel all over the place shortly. The busy international giant has confirmed the sports nutrition distributor Europa has brought in the hydration beverage and is already offering it to its extensive network of retailers, which includes a long list of stores across the country.

When it comes to beverages like canned energy drinks and traditionally bottled sports drinks, distribution is key, as convenience is really the primary feature of that type of product. Applied Nutrition and ABE Fuel have got precisely that with Europa; then, once it makes its way out there, people looking for a beverage to support the likes of hydration and performance will begin to rely on its impressive zero sugar taste and benefits.