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Fresh is celebrating Halloween with 3,000 units of an Alien Oozeberry flavor of its pre-workout

Alien Oozeberry Fresh Pre Workout

Following its recent teaser image hinting at some sort of alien or Martian-themed flavor of its comprehensive stimulant pre-workout, Fresh Supplements has uncovered the mystery and shared with fans what it has planned for Halloween. The product has been confirmed as an Alien Oozeberry Fresh Pre-Workout, and while it is for Halloween, it’ll be rolling out to stores on the 1st of October, giving you plenty of time to get your hands on and try it.

Fresh Supplements describes its Alien Oozeberry Fresh Pre-Workout as a full-on, refreshing, gushing berry experience and has even gone as far as to say it is the best flavor it’s created to date. This is the brand’s second-ever special edition, limited-time flavor extension, and you will want to grab it as soon as you see it. Fresh has revealed it has only produced 3,000 units of the Alien Oozeberry Fresh Pre-Workout, which will likely disappear fast.