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Fresh Supps lines up some sort of limited flavor of its pre-workout likely for Halloween

Fresh Supps Special Edition Alien Pre Workout

Fresh Supps from industry veteran Greg Helton has not been on the market for very long; in fact, it’s coming up nine months old, although, despite its age, it has kept things interesting with an additional product and flavor extensions. The flavors have certainly been fun to see, as some have been relatively simple and straightforward, and some have had an extra catch or twist, such as the Blueberry Pomegranate Amino debuting at Natural Body’s Epic Block Party and the limited Rocket Pop Pre-Workout for 4th Of July.

The team at the young and growing Fresh Supps has posted a teaser of another flavor, and based on everything we can see in that mysterious graphic, it is a limited edition option themed around aliens or martians, likely for Halloween at the end of next month. We don’t know the name of the flavor, only that alien theme, but we can confirm it’s for the brand’s balanced Fresh Pre-Workout, and while it’s arriving near the end of the month, it’ll be available through October, further leaning into that Halloween edition idea.