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Beast Pharm centers its post-workout Recover around a lean gainer-style nutrition profile

Beast Pharm Recover

Continuing the reveal and complete breakdown of the supplements from Eddie Hall’s upcoming Beast Pharm, following the stimulant pre-workout Stim and pump pre-workout Pump, we have the advanced post-workout Recover. Initially, we suspected Beast Pharm Recover to be some sort of protein powder based on early information, but again, this is a lot more than your traditional protein product, designed to provide a comprehensive nutrition profile to maximize recovery after your workout.

Beast Pharm Recover doesn’t come with any additional bonus or complementing ingredients like creatine, BCAAs, digestive enzymes, AstraGin, or other recovery-enhancing features, primarily focusing on providing a post-workout-suited set of macros. That includes 25g of protein in a large 80g serving, and as the brand highlighted in its initial description, roughly twice that in carbohydrates at 48g, a good amount of that sugar at 42g, minimal fat at 3.3g, and a reasonable calorie count of 321.

Beast Pharm Recover is essentially a lean gainer, being too nutritionally dense to be a protein powder; not balanced enough for a meal replacement; and not too high in calories to be a full-on mass gainer. At 25g of protein and 48g of carbohydrates, it is a nicely balanced supplement for after your workout, and you can obviously scale your serving, where if you double, you will get 50g of protein and 96g of carbs. Recover is launching on Monday at alongside Stim, Pump, and Hydro.

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