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Chocolate Honeycomb takes Chemical Warfare’s OP1 Whey menu into double digits

Chemical Warfare Chocolate Honeycomb Op1 Whey Protein

It was only about four weeks ago that Chemical Warfare in the UK expanded its selection of flavors for its flagship protein powder competitor OP1 Whey in the rather intriguing taste, Butterscotch Pancakes. That option actually pushed the total number of flavors available for the supplement to one shy of double digits, a milestone it has just reached with the addition of another relatively uncommon creation.

Chemical Warfare is back expanding the menu of its star protein powder this week, turning the classic combination of chocolate and honeycomb into a lean protein shake with the obviously titled Chocolate Honeycomb OP1 Whey. The product is already online and ready to purchase directly from the brand, and with the supplement’s fairly lean macros of 20g of protein, 5.8g of carbohydrates, 1.2g of fat, and 113 calories.