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Two-month-old H8 reformulation adds flavors number five and six to its menu

Dna Sports Sunset Soda H8

It wasn’t long ago that DNA Sports in the UK revamped its premier stimulant pre-workout H8, featuring a fresh new set of ingredients, still primarily geared towards increasing and enhancing energy and focus. The supplement is packed full of potent, hard-hitting highlights, including 100mg of halostachine, 200mg of kigelia africana, 400mg of NeuroPEA eria jarensis, and an intense 400mg of caffeine in four tasty flavors.

The tastes DNA Sports relaunched its H8 stimulant pre-workout in were Rainbow Sherbet, Sour Watermelon, Bubblegum Popsicle, and Fizzy Cherries, and only two months later, it is back, adding another two flavors to the menu of the product. Now available directly through the brand’s online store and its extensive network of retailers is the apple and melon recipe Sour Apple Melon and the citrus orange effort, Sunset Soda.

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