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Hydration specialist Electrolit plans on unveiling exciting innovations at the NACS Show

Electrolit New Innovations For Nacs Show 2023

The mainstream-level hydration brand, Electrolit, has been on the market for over half a century and is widely available in its home country of Mexico but also has extensive distribution in the always-busy American market. The brand has two beverages in the US, in Electrolit Electrolyte Beverage and Electrolit Zero Electrolyte Beverage, the latter featuring all of the same benefits but without any sugar, carbohydrates, or calories.

Electrolit is currently building towards this year’s NACS Show in Atlanta, Georgia, where it will indeed be joining the mountain of convenience store-specific companies, which includes foods and drinks. Fans of the brand will want to pay close attention to the days during the event, as at NACS, Electrolit is planning to unveil some exciting innovations, with no concrete details yet, only that the items will revolve around hydration.

We’ll be at the NACS Show to share all of the exciting announcements and developments from beverage brands like Electrolit, although, as mentioned, the sports drink specialist sounds like its booth will be a bit more interesting.