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Foodspring follows its stim-free pre with a more complete but equally basic competitor

Foodspring All In One Pre Workout

It was only recently the active nutrition and lifestyle supplement company Foodspring, out of Germany, jumped into the pre-workout category for the first time ever, although with a stimulant-free approach in the basically-dosed product named Pump. We did find it a bit strange the highly popular brand debuted in the space without stimulants, but that’s because it had a stimulant-backed effort coming in All-In-One Pre-Workout.

As per the name, Foodspring’s All-In-One Pre-Workout is a comprehensive supplement, built for more than the pumps and hydration you get in the previously released Pump. This one is built to support energy, focus, muscle pumps, and, in an interesting angle, performance, hormone health, and recovery with the help of 400mg of ashwagandha per serving.

Driving Foodspring’s All-In-One Pre-Workout alongside the ashwagandha, which is a rare sight in a pre-workout, is a gram of taurine, a reasonable 4g of pure citrulline, 400mg of choline for focus, 300mg of alpinia galanga, and lastly, 200mg of caffeine. You should have no problem stacking this with Pump to add its pump and performance benefits, as the only crossover is citrulline; however, the two don’t combine for anything too high.

The overall formula in Foodspring All-In-One Pre-Workout isn’t supremely advanced, but as mentioned earlier, this isn’t a specialty sports nutrition competitor, nor is it known for offering advanced supplements. The product is a lightly dosed competitor to go alongside the brand’s more lifestyle items like protein powder, functional foods, and baking mixes, and you can grab it from at €29.99 (31.73 USD) for a tub of 25 servings.