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Grape Acai finally gives FitAid’s performance and recovery beverage another flavor

Grape Acai Fitaid Energy Drink

FitAid Energy is the more performance-focused beverage from the functional drink giant LifeAid that brings together ingredients to support and improve sports performance and recovery far more than any of its other convenient offerings. The product features the three all-important BCAAs, glutamine, turmeric, electrolytes for hydration, coQ10, quercetin, the joint health component glucosamine, and a reliably energizing level of caffeine at 200mg of natural caffeine from green tea.

LifeAid’s FitAid Energy has been available in the same four flavors since it made its way into the market a little more than a year ago with Mango Sorbet, Blackberry Pineapple, Peach Mandarin, and Raspberry Hibiscus. This week, the beverage has landed itself its first flavor extension, and it goes nicely alongside the others in Grape Acai. The product is available first through the brand’s online store, where it’s also discounted for a limited time to $25.40 a case for two, plus free shipping.

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