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Lohilo’s attention on its protein ice cream continues in a milk chocolate-filled flavor

Lohilo Milk Chocolate Protein Ice Cream

In years past, the functional food and beverage company Lohilo has been more focused on dropping drinks and flavors of those drinks, as opposed to more options for any of its edible items. In the last 12 months, it’s been very much the opposite, with Lohilo putting the majority of its effort into flavor extensions specifically for its deliciously sweet and creamy protein ice cream; in fact, since September of last year, the brand has dropped seven new options, including the recent Strawberry White Chocolate.

This week, the spree continues with Lohilo as it has revealed and released another addition to its family of protein-packed ice cream, making it eight in a year with a relatively straightforward Milk Chocolate. The product is, through and through, a milk chocolate experience, with milk chocolate flavored ice cream and actual, decadent milk chocolate everywhere throughout. It comes with the ice cream’s usual 20g of protein a pot, low sugar, a very reasonable 266 calories, and it’s available now in Sweden.

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