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NF Sports creates a portal for consumers to see the lab results of each of its batches

Nf Sports True Label

Complete transparency is a staple feature in sports nutrition products in the modern market, where brands list on the label exactly how much of each of a supplement’s key ingredients you get per serving, as opposed to putting everything in a proprietary blend. This wasn’t always the case, as there was a time when it was the other way around, and non-transparent blends were what you’d see in every product out there.

Supplement companies have continued to find ways to become more transparent with consumers, which is what the team at NF Sports is doing in its all-new True Label portal. This is a dedicated website over at where you simply enter the lot number from the tub of one of its products. You’ll then be given the certificate of authenticity showing lab results of the specific lot the bottle in your hands came from.

NF Sports individual COAs will show the precise lab-tested amounts of each ingredient in a supplement, taking transparency with consumers even further than listing the exact dosages on the facts panels. Again, fans will be able to put the brand’s new True Label Guarantee to work over at, and you’ll find the lot number to enter into the page’s search box on every bottle of the many NF Sports products.

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