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Sainsbury’s lists and upcoming white chocolate version of Grenade’s Oreo Protein Bar

Oreo White Grenade Protein Bar

Earlier this year, Grenade came out with what we referred to as an absolute masterpiece of a protein snack in the Oreo Grenade Protein Bar, where the brand teamed up with Oreo itself to create an authentic flavor of the product. We did indeed try the collaboration and found it to be ridiculously enjoyable, pairing Grenade’s signature realistic milk chocolate, crumbly cookie consistency, and the familiar vanilla cream of an Oreo.

The Oreo Grenade Protein Bar proved incredibly successful, being out of stock on many occasions and difficult for fans to get their hands on, and it looks as though it’s about to get a spin-off or follow-up. The major supermarket Sainsbury’s, with well over 1,000 locations across Grenade’s extensive home market of the UK, is listing another soon-to-be-released, authentic Oreo flavor creation in Oreo White Grenade Protein Bar.

Judging by the wrapper, it appears to be the same sort of experience as the original Oreo Grenade Protein Bar, but with a white chocolate twist, where you get the crumbly cookie and creamy vanilla inside, and delicious white chocolate around the outside. The Oreo White Grenade Protein Bar has a similar nutrition profile, too, with 21g of protein, 20g of carbohydrates, 1.3g of that sugar, 10g of fat, and a reasonable 232 calories.

If you head over to Sainsbury’s website at, you can see the listing for the Oreo White Grenade Protein Bar, with no launch date mentioned, but we’re guessing it can’t be far away from becoming available when a supermarket the size of Sainsbury’s has it out in the open.

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