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Gopuff is exclusively launching the next flavor of Juvee and it’s called Peachy Mangopuff

Peachy Mangopuff Juvee Energy Drink

The energy drink Juvee from the hugely-followed gamer Nadeshot isn’t a year old but has remained busy since coming to market. It’s been expanding distribution and availability, collaborating with the video game Dead Island 2, and, like all good beverages, giving fans more flavors to choose from. The brand dropped Blue Raspberry, teamed up with Dead Island 2 for a flavor extension in Slayer Slushie, which later turned into Cherry Slushie, and in the coming days, it’s adding Peachy Mangopuff.

The name of Juvee’s upcoming flavor extension actually leans into who it has been put together in partnership with or for. The Peachy Mangopuff Juvee energy drink features a callout around its neck, saying that it is indeed a limited-time launch, and it has the logo of the convenient delivery company Gopuff. Not too surprisingly, Gopuff is indeed where Peachy Mangopuff is going to exclusively debut in two days on Tuesday, with the brand’s online store due to start stocking it at a slightly later date.

The sweet-sounding Gopuff partnership product, Peachy Mangopuff Juvee energy drink, will feature all of the active ingredients fans have come to expect from the brand and its flagship beverage, including theanine, ginseng, taurine, B vitamins, a moderate 127mg of caffeine for energy, with no sugar and an impressively low five calories in a sleek 12oz can.

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