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Lifestyle brand Protein World joins the clear protein sub-category with The Juicy Whey

Protein World The Juicy Whey

The sub-category of clear protein powder has spread throughout the industry and the world, with a mountain of brands now competing in the space with their own clear and refreshing, fruit-flavored protein supplements. Despite how many are already out there on the market, newcomers continue to roll in, and this week, we have another one of those in the popular, UK-based lifestyle brand, Protein World.

The Juicy Whey is the latest completely new product from Protein World, providing a typical nutrition profile for a whey-based protein powder, giving you plenty of protein and minimal numbers in the area of carbohydrates and fat. The main feature of a clear protein, however, is the taste, and The Juicy Whey has followed the style to a tee and put together two fruity recipes in Orange Mango and Apple Raspberry.

Protein World hasn’t shared any specific details like the exact macros in The Juicy Whey or how many servings you get in the seemingly small tub of the protein powder, but it is taking pre-orders. You can secure yourself a unit or two of the supplement over at for £34 (42.08 USD), but again, you are essentially buying blind, as the brand has yet to share the ingredients, nutrition profile, or size of The Juicy Whey.