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Relentless Labz’ latest pre-workout centers around intense energy and focus

Relentless Labz Genesis

Relentless Labz is back in headlines with another pre-workout after teaming up with its Mexican distributor Muscle Nutrition and its sub-brand Anti-Human Series for the pre-workout Nemesis, and two months back, dropping the collaboration Activate Enrage with eFlow Nutrition. The brand’s latest effort is named Genesis, and it is not in partnership with anyone like Nemesis or Activate Enrage; it’s entirely from Relentless.

Relentless Labz Genesis is a potent pre-workout that certainly focuses on the energy and focus side of the experience rather than pump and performance, with very few ingredients supporting those areas. You get 4g of citrulline malate and a gram of agmatine for improving muscle pumps, and 3.2g of beta-alanine with electrolytes for performance and endurance, with the rest being for strong energy and focus.

Relentless Labz Genesis Label

Driving the sensory portion of the experience in Relentless Labz Genesis are hefty single-gram dosages of choline bitartrate and DMAE, 750mg of tyrosine, 100mg each of dendrobium and synephrine, and 200mcg of huperzine a. As robust as that list already is, there are a few other components furthering the energy and focus, in 1.5mg of the potent alpha yohimbine, 300mg of eria jarenesis, and just over 400mg of caffeine.

As mentioned, the energy and focus are certainly the effects Relentless Labz has centered its pre-workout Genesis around, and it’s launched in an intriguingly named flavor called Red Nebula. You can pick up the undoubtedly potent and hard-hitting supplement through the brand’s online store at a price of $59.95. That’ll get you a tub of 20 maximum servings, enough to last you a month if used at most five times a week.