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Scorpion keeps the energy drinks coming with its latest centered more around focus

Scorpion Supplements Boom Focus Energy Drink

New Zealand sports nutrition company Scorpion Supplements has been rather busy in the world of energy drinks over the last year or two, releasing two carbonated competitors for the category. There’s been the pre-workout Boom with energy and performance-style ingredients and the hybrid fat-burning beverage Shred Energy, and now the growing brand has a focus-first solution, introducing the Boom spin-off, Boom Focus.

Scorpion Supplements’ Boom Focus actually has some ingredients in common with the original Boom energy drink, in a light 1.5g of beta-alanine, roughly the same amount of pure citrulline at 1.725g, and 20% less caffeine at a moderate 160mg. What gives Boom Focus that nootropic touch is that, alongside those features, is a blend of focus and cognition-supporting ingredients in DMAE, tyrosine, alpha-GPC, GABA, and ginkgo.

The formula behind Scorpion Supplements’ third energy drink is built to support energy, focus, and performance, with focus being the star highlight, and while it’s not as advanced as a bulk nootropic supplement, it’s certainly advanced as far as beverages go. The Boom Focus energy drink is light and lean nutritionally, with zero sugar in either of its two flavors — Red Alert and Berry Blast — priced at $48 (28.56 USD) for 12 through the brand’s website, in a single flavor or split variety pack.