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Jocko’s seasonal Smashing Pumpkin flavor of protein powder is back and better than ever

Smashing Pumpkin Jocko Protein Powder Returns

The trend of fall-themed flavors and products is in full swing, and sports nutrition brands from all corners of the industry have been introducing or bringing back their typically pumpkin-themed creations. One of the latest to get in on the fun is Jocko, with the return of a past limited edition seasonal effort in Smashing Pumpkin for the popular brand’s sustained-released, multi-source protein supplement, Jocko Protein Powder.

Smashing Pumpkin Jocko Protein Powder is an all-out pumpkin-based taste, and again, it is back for another season here in 2023, although the brand has made some adjustments for a better experience. The fall product proudly promotes “New Improved Flavor” on the front of its packaging, so while fans have tried this in the past, it promises to taste better than before this time around and still provide lean nutrition of 22g of protein a serving, 2.5g of fat, a gram of carbohydrates, and 110 calories.

Jocko’s own online store over at is the place to go to purchase the returning and improved Smashing Pumpkin Jocko Protein Powder, where it costs the same as any other flavor of the product like Chocolate and Banana Cream, at $44.95 for a 2.1lb bag of about 31 servings.

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