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Strong Nation creates a more balanced version of its competitive pre-workout Freaky Wolf

Strong Nation Freaky Wolf Darkside

Strong Nation is one of the most advanced sports nutrition brands in India, making its debut recently and growing ever since. The supplement company started with a strong selection of competitors and has continued to expand on that, and in some cases, it has even made some improvements. This week, Strong Nation is introducing its first premium pre-workout in a spin-off of Freaky Wolf named Freaky Wolf Darkside.

There are a lot of similarities in formulas between Freaky Wolf and Freaky Wolf Darkside, although Strong Nation’s goal in the variant is to offer a more comprehensive and balanced experience. While the original does have ingredients for a familiar variety of effects, it leans heavier into the stimulating side, whereas Darkside is built to equally support pumps and performance.

The combination of components powering Freaky Wolf Darkside includes 2g of pure citrulline, 60% more than Freaky Wolf, the same dose of beta-alanine at a sizeable 3.5g, and 250mg of electrolytes for hydration and performance. There is also 300mg of tyrosine and 250mg of theanine for focus and clarity, 100mg of green tea, and a combined 300mg of caffeine from caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate instead of just anhydrous.

Strong Nation is rolling out Freaky Wolf Darkside to its extensive network of retailers throughout India in a refreshing Watermelon flavor. The experience of the complete pre-workout will cost you more than the regular Freaky Wolf; however, not by a considerable amount, coming in about ₹200 more at ₹2,600 (31.24 USD). It is worth noting you get ten more servings in Darkside at 40, which actually makes it more cost-effective.