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Strong Nation approaches muscle building from multiple angles in its third new product for the week

Strong Nation Smg

As they say, good things come in threes, and that is precisely the case with the fast-growing and reputable Indian sports nutrition brand Strong Nation, which already dropped EAA Shredz and Freaky Wolf Darkside this week. Its latest innovation is Strong Nation SMG, a muscle-building supplement based around a variety of creatine sources, ingredients to boost testosterone, electrolytes, and a few components to enhance pumps.

Strong Nation SMG is a genuinely well-rounded muscle-building product; as mentioned, it doesn’t rely on one specific angle; it has three different types of ingredients to comprehensively support the goal. In the area of pumps and electrolytes, the brand has packed together a gram each of coconut water and pure citrulline, Himalayan pink salt, a light 200mg of glycerol, 250mg of electrolytes, and half a gram of taurine.

Things get more interesting outside of that, with Strong Nation SMG giving you three sources of creatine, combining for 3g, and that includes a gram of the classic creatine monohydrate. To round out the supplement, there is a host of traditional testosterone-boosting components with half a gram each of safed musli, nigella sativa, mucuna pruriens, and ashwagandha, and lastly, the always present tribulus at a solid single gram per serving.

Like EAA Shredz and the complete pre-workout Freaky Wolf Darkside, SMG from Strong Nation is out and available beginning this week in India, packing the usual 30 servings a bottle to supply you for a full month. Interestingly, the brand has decided to produce its creatine-powered and testosterone-boosting muscle builder in flavored powder format, a rarity when you get a set of ingredients like this, and it comes in the one Lemon flavor.