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Gorilla Mind puts together flavors for Halloween of its pre-workouts and protein powders

Blackberry Lemonade Gorilla Mode Nitric

The brand that is having one hell of a year in Gorilla Mind has put together a bunch of special edition products for this time of year, or more specifically, the fall season and the upcoming Halloween. The reputable sports nutrition competitor has produced four items in total; three of them are flavor extensions, and the other is a limited-time shaker that has a spooky twist in its color, as the bottle can be seen long after the lights go out as it glows in the dark.

As for the three flavors Gorilla Mind has crafted for fall and Halloween, there is the classic pumpkin-based taste Pumpkin Spice for the fully transparent protein powder Premium Protein, and Blackberry Lemonade for the powerhouse, stackable pre-workouts, Gorilla Mode and Gorilla Mode Nitric. The brand is making them available for purchase through its website where Premium Protein is $44.99 and Gorilla Mode is $49.99 and Gorilla Mode Nitric is $59.99.