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Cutler gives fans the ability to add more citrulline to its pre-workouts in its latest Essentials entry

Cutler Nutrition Pure Citrulline

Standalone essential-style supplements are a great way to add specific ingredients to your stack or even add more to what you’re already taking. This is extremely convenient in the world of pre-workouts; for example, maybe you want more energy, add a bit of caffeine; throw in tyrosine to bump up the focus; and better pumps, possibly add more citrulline. The last example on that list is the point that drives this post here, as Cutler Nutrition has gone ahead and launched precisely that.

Jay Cutler and his brand Cutler Nutrition have added to their straightforward Essentials Series this month, with the simply named and ingredient-titled L-Citrulline. The product is indeed a bulk tub of unflavored citrulline to support better muscle pumps and performance. You get 67 servings of 3g of pure citrulline in every bottle of Cutler Essentials L-Citrulline, although you can divide that however you please, such as 25 servings of a powerful 8g or even 100 servings at a light 2g a piece.

Cutler Nutrition has three pre-workouts on the market in Prevail, Prevail Rush, and the stimulant-free Amplify 2.0, and they all have pure citrulline at 4g in their maximum servings, leaving plenty of room to grab L-Citrulline and throw a scoop or two on top. Like all good basic supplements, the latest from the brand doesn’t cost much at $24.99, and currently, you can bring it down 20% to $20 with the coupon code “CIT20”.