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EHP Labs makes its Ghostbusters branding stand out in light and at night

Ehp Labs X Ghostbusters Glow In The Dark

EHP Labs dropped a bomb of an announcement earlier this week when it unveiled its absolutely giant, authentic collaboration with the iconic film franchise Ghostbusters. The two have partnered for a series of special edition flavors for some of the brand’s top-selling supplements. The flavors include Mini Stay Puft Marshmallow, Proton Plasma, and Slimer, spread across OxyShred, OxyShred Energy Drink, Beyond EAA, OxyGreens, and Blessed Protein.

The collaboration between EHP Labs and Ghostbusters is one of the most extensive collections we’ve seen, consisting of nine different products. We showed off what they look like earlier in the week when the brand brought the energy drinks to NACS, and you can clearly see a lot of effort has gone into the branding. The labels on the supplements and beverages take the collaboration up a notch, and you’ll be interested to know there is more you can’t see.

EHP Labs has added an interesting effect to all nine of its authentic Ghostbusters collaboration products, in that when the lights go out, and it’s dark, you can still see them. The creative company has made specific parts of their artwork glow-in-the-dark. On the deliciously on-point Slimer OxyShred Energy Drink, the logo and Slimer graphic light up, and again, like the rest of the branding, it takes things up a notch and adds some fun to the overall experience.