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Three of G Fuel’s popular flavors get a limited spooky twist for Halloween

G Fuel Halloween 2023 Reskins

Similar to others, we thought G Fuel put in tremendous effort for Halloween this year with its three fun and authentic collaborations in Jason’s Hack ‘N’ Slash, Chucky’s Good Guys, and Freddy Krueger’s Dream Demon, all flavors for its energy drink. As impressive as all of those are, apparently, that’s not all the gaming supplement company has in store for fans for All Hallow’s Eve; it has also reskinned three previously released flavors, and of course, each of them has a scary and spooky theme.

You can get a look at all of the special edition products G Fuel has produced for Halloween above, and they are indeed flavors for its flagship supplement, the energy and focus-supporting Energy Formula. The tastes are Watermelon Limeade, the classic Blue Ice, and the popular raspberry lemonade recipe Hype Sauce. The reskins are only temporary, and all read “Halloween Limited Edition” across the face of their tubs and they’ll be available shortly with plenty of time leading up to the day itself, October 31st.

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