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Classic Grape flavor arrives for Huge Supplements’ standalone creatine competitor

Grape Huge Creatine

The reputable sports nutrition brand Huge Supplements launched its standalone bulk tub of creatine, simply named Huge Creatine without any flavors, in just a straightforward, Unflavored option. Shortly after that product came to market, the brand did introduce some actual tastes by way of Orange and Mango Lemonade. All of that creatine action at Huge went down near the end of last year, and now, as 2023 nears the end, it is giving the supplement some attention once again with a fourth option.

Huge Supplements has revealed and released another actual taste for its 30-serving tub of creatine monohydrate, each of those servings carrying an effective dose of 5g. If you head to the brand’s online store, beginning this week, you’ll see the original Unflavored, Orange, and Mango Lemonade alongside the all-new but equally classic fruity taste, Grape. Directly from Huge and its website, you’ll pay $27.95 for a tub of the strength and muscle-building creatine, or $25.16 if you get on a monthly subscription.

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