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HR Labs adds even more fizz to the menu of its pre-workout with Lemon Fizz Bombs

Hr Labs Lemon Fizz Defib

Defib is the premier pre-workout from HR Labs, and like everything else it has in its selection of sports nutrition products, it is well put together and packed full of reliable and effective ingredients and dosages. Defib is actually on its third iteration at the moment, which includes a gram of performance-powering PeakO2, 150mg of AmentoPump, 8g of citrulline malate for even more pumps, a hard-hitting 400mg of caffeine, and the latest news on the supplement is that it has landed a sixth flavor.

HR Labs’ Defib or Defib V3 menu of Cherryade, Fizzy Candy Crush, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Iced Blue Slush, and Jelly Bean, has been joined by another fizzy creation with a twist of citrus in Lemon Fizz Bombs. When it comes to flavors, it’s almost always the more the merrier, as obviously not everyone using pre-workouts enjoys the same thing as the next. Fans and those interested in taking Lemon Fizz Bombs Defib for a run, head on over to, where you can grab a tub at £39.99 (48.59 USD).

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