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Reputable Leviathan takes on the sleep space with its signature premium approach to formulations

Leviathan Nutrition Slumber

Leviathan Nutrition is a specialized supplement company known for quality formulations but also for taking on categories you don’t commonly see brands get too deep into, such as its advanced fish oil Advanced Omega-3 with SmartPrime, and the carefully crafted blood pressure product Hemo Flow. This month, the reputable brand is taking on another, more familiar area of the industry with a comprehensive sleep aid named Leviathan Nutrition Slumber.

Slumber is a supplement where Leviathan Nutrition brings its signature formulations ability seen in all of its other complex competitors but for the purpose of helping you get a better night’s sleep. The brand has brought together a potent blend of ingredients and effective dosages with some premium components in the mix, such as TRAACS chelated minerals, FastBliss anandamide, promoted for its sleep, mood, and pain management benefits, and BioPerine black pepper to support uptake and absorption.

Leviathan Nutrition Slumber Label

The other components driving Leviathan Nutrition Slumber are 300mg each of magnolia and 5-HTP, 400mg of theanine, half a gram of valerian root, 50mg of apigenin, and the classic sleep aid melatonin at a strong 3mg a serving. The product has all of the tools to help get you to sleep, get good quality sleep, have you wake up feeling refreshed, and offer a few additional effects thanks to the not-so-common nighttime ingredients like apigenin and the premium FastBliss.

Leviathan Nutrition Slumber is in stock and available for purchase starting this week through its online store, alongside its many other specialized supplements, which can all be used alongside this, whether it be the stress-supporting Vizure or reliable nootropic Zenith. The price of a bottle of Slumber is not too bad at $44.98, but that is for 20 servings, so the not usual 30, but a typical system used with sleep aids is running it during the week and not on the weekend and in that case, 20 will last you a full month.