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Almond powder follows Naked’s tasty powedered peanut butter extensions

Naked Nutrition Naked Almond

Naked Nutrition recently showed how successful its powdered peanut butter has been by adding not one or two, but three more varieties of that product, with a completely organic version, a sugar & salt flavor, and a decadent option featuring a rich chocolate taste. Those extensions joined the brand’s original straightforward peanut butter powder named Naked PB, and here in October, it is at it again, with a similar sort of functional product, although centered around a different main ingredient.

Hitting the Naked Nutrition family this month, specifically Naked Nutrition’s Naked PB selection is Naked Almond, which is exactly like Naked PB in a simple powdered peanut butter, but it’s almond based. The nutrition profile is very similar to Naked PB, with around 8g of protein in a 15g serving, close to 3g of carbohydrates, half of that sugar, 1.25g of fat, and 58 calories. Almonds are a more expensive nut, and that does give Naked Almond a higher price tag than Naked PB; while the latter costs $15.99 for a 24oz jar, the former is $29.99 for the same volume.