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Switch Nutrition is already back adding even more standalones to its Essentials Series

Switch Nutrition Even More Essentials

Switch Nutrition in Australia just added a bunch of products to its Essentials Series, expanding the already extensive selection of supplements even further into a double-digit total with the likes of Colostrum, NMN, Inositol, Berberine, and Sea Moss. While that only happened last month, the busy brand is back with another five entries into the collection, all of which are single-ingredient efforts named after their one and only main feature.

Those line extensions for Switch Nutrition’s Essentials Series are the unflavored powder formulas DAA with a tub of 150g of d-aspartic acid, Arginine and Leucine, both with 200g of their title ingredients, and Glycerol with 300g of pump-powering GlycerPump glycerol per tub. The final addition is Alpha-GPC, which comes in capsule format and uses a premium version of the focus-supporting component in the highly bioavailable GeniusPure.

Switch Nutrition has already got most of the Essentials Series releases online and available through its online store, and with the different ingredients and variety of volumes in each of the products, their pricing does differ from one to the next, where the likes of Alpha-GPC sits at $49.95 (31.42 USD) each.

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