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Undefined previews its nighttime formula Sleep XT with the melatonin-like Maizinol

Undefined Nutrition Releasing A Sleep Aid

It’s not often we see or hear anything from Brian Shaw’s supplement company Undefined Strength, although it has done a great job at gradually building out its catalog, introducing a performance-focused pre-workout about a year ago and a gainer at the start of this year. The next item on the cards for the brand from the four-time World’s Strongest Man is a recovery product designed specifically to be taken at night before bed.

Sleep XT is an upcoming supplement from Brian Shaw and Undefined Nutrition, and the goal of it is to help you get to sleep, improve your quality of sleep, and enhance muscle recovery through the night. The brand has not shared all of the ingredients driving the benefits yet, just a few highlights, including 3g of the all-important BCAA leucine, a sizeable 4mg of the classic sleep aid melatonin, and 250mg of the patented Maizinol.

Undefined Nutrition’s Sleep XT is the first time we’ve seen Maizinol in a sports nutrition supplement, and it aims to bind to melatonin receptors and provide melatonin-type benefits for even better sleep, and again in this product; it is alongside 4mg of melatonin. Sleep XT is expected to launch shortly, and it’ll be a great addition to the brand, filling a category it doesn’t currently touch, alongside its pre-workouts, protein powders, creatine-based muscle builder, and other common sports nutrition supplements.