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Warrior releases its refreshing Protein Water as its first-ever full-size beverage

Warrior Protein Water

Warrior Supplements, mostly known for its popular and delicious protein snack, the Warrior Crunch Protein Bar, is getting into the beverage game but not energy drinks, as is the case with most other sports nutrition companies around the world. The UK-based Warrior is furthering its efforts in the realm of clear and refreshing protein supplementation, following the release of Fruity Whey Isolate from earlier in the year with an on-the-go alternative in Warrior Protein Water.

Warrior Protein Water is a drink packing a moderate 10g of protein with absolutely no sugar and impressively lean carbohydrates, as the calories come out to a total of 50. The product is like Fruity Whey Isolate in the sense that it’s a source of protein available only in fruity options with Tropical and Berry. A key difference between the two, however, is that while Fruity Whey Isolate gets its protein from whey isolate, that doesn’t appear to be the case with Warrior Protein Water.

While we’ve yet to see the facts panel for Warrior Protein Water, it is common for clear protein powders and clear protein RTDs to rely partly or entirely on collagen for their protein. This beverage doesn’t mention collagen anywhere, nor does it say whey, but on the front of the bottle are beauty benefits, leading us to suspect collagen is where the 10g of protein is from. Either way, Warrior Protein Wafer is available to order for distributors and retailers, so fans can probably expect to see the refreshing protein drink on shelves in the coming weeks.