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Ghost 5th CG Collection goes live alongside Guzman’s annual Summer Shredding event

Where To Buy Ghost Cg V5 Pre And Focus

Over the past week, Ghost revealed its fifth collaboration with its premier ambassador, Christian Guzman, the first individual it ever teamed up with to create a special edition supplement all the way back in 2017 with a Lemon Lime Ghost Legend packing a heightened 237mg of caffeine a serving. For their fifth partnership, Ghost and Guzman have created a completely new loaded pre-workout named CG Pre and brought back the CG V4 product CG Focus, with all of the same ingredients and dosages.

As promised, today, Saturday the 21st of October, right in line with Christian Guzman’s annual Summer Shredding Event, the Ghost CG V5 Collection has become available for purchase in the two exclusive places you can get your hands on it. Both Ghost CG Pre in tubs of 20 servings and CG Focus in tubs of 30, can be ordered directly at for $49.99 each, plus 20% off using the code “BESEEN”, or the only other way to get the supplements is at Alphaland gym in Missouri City, Texas.