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After putting focus ingredients to an energy drink and protein bar Xite moves into shots

Xite Focus Shot

Xite is the maker of the Xite Energy Drink featuring the likes of caffeine, tyrosine, and carnitine; in fact, it proudly promotes itself as the world’s first nootropic drink, although the earliest we remember would be ‘Merica Energy, which debuted one year prior and also featured nootropics in choline and acetyl-l-carnitine. It wasn’t that long ago that Xite introduced its Nootropic Protein Bar, a snack with the same sort of purpose as its drink, combining protein with nootropics like bacopa and choline.

The UK-based Xite is getting ready to expand its lineup once again, and after going from its original beverage to functional food, it is heading back to drinks, although not full-size like its original energy and focus-supporting Xite Energy Drink. The brand has decided to downsize, in fact, downsize as far as you can go with the introduction of the Xite Focus Shot. It brings together ginger and the focus-supporting lion’s mane mushroom extract into a pocket-sized fruit-flavored shot to have on the go.

It looks as though Xite is rolling out its compact, lion’s mane-powered Xite Focus Shot in two flavors, one of them a citrusy Orange, and the other features colors that put us in the direction of some sort of berry experience. The product is a fitting addition to the brand’s family of focus-supporting offerings in the Xite Energy Drink and Xite Nootropic Protein Bar, filling the gap for those after uplifting focus in a smaller size, and it is going to be available shortly over at

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