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Adonis quickly follows its unique Baklava with another flavor of its signature protein

Adonis Chocolate Honeycomb Protein Cookie Dough

Australian brand Adonis just put together an intriguing new flavor for its rather unique supplement, the protein sludge-like Protein Cookie Dough that you stir with water until it gets that signature cookie dough consistency. The taste the brand crafted was Baklava, based on the traditional Greek and Turkish treat of the same name, typically made with nuts like almonds and walnuts, crumbly and flaky pastry, and sweet honey.

Adonis has quickly added another flavor to its signature Protein Cookie Dough, which isn’t quite as standout and unique as Baklava, but it’s an uncommon taste for a protein supplement in Chocolate Honeycomb. The creation aims to give you a rich chocolate taste with a hint of sweet honey alongside the reliable nutrition profile of the product with 21g of protein a serving, 3.3g of fat, 7g of carbohydrates, 4g of that sugar, and 143 calories.

Like Baklava, Adonis’ new Chocolate Honeycomb Protein Cookie Dough is available straight from its online store in a 400g, ten serving bad at $34.99 (22.77 USD) or go big in the 1kg tub with 25 servings at $74.99 (48.80 USD).

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