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Alpha Lion adds a couple of standalone products but they’re not a part of its Gains Candy Series

Alpha Lion Creatine And Glycerol

Superhuman Focus is Alpha Lion’s first dedicated nootropic supplement and its latest innovation, but it’s not all the popular brand has rolled out in the month of November. Sometime over the last few weeks, the brand also added some single-ingredient items to its selection and they’re not a part of the Gains Candy Series. Alpha Lion refers to these products as a part of a Commodity Series, although that name isn’t anywhere on the label.

Alpha Lion’s other new supplements are Creatine and Glycerol; the former is a bulk creatine monohydrate powder, giving you 60 servings of the strength, power, and performance ingredient, each at an effective 5g a serving. As for the other product, Glycerol, similar to Creatine, it features only its title ingredient in the pump-enhancing high-quality HydroPrime glycerol, with 42 servings at 3g, but it is a bulk supplement, so you can dose to your liking.

Alpha Lion’s Commodity Series Creatine and Glycerol are priced as basic as their formulas, with the bulk creatine monohydrate as well as the standalone HydroPrime glycerol available directly from at $29.99 each. The brand’s Cyber Monday sale is still live, ending tomorrow night, which brings Creatine and Glycerol down to $22.49 each, or if you get either alongside another supplement, it falls even further to $20.99 a bottle.