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Apollon fills its next flavor of ISOBlast with miniature peanut butter cups

Apollon Nutrition Peanut Butter Cups Isoblast

Apollon Nutrition dropped a very special edition flavor of its high-quality whey isolate protein powder ISOBlast for the daughter of the founders of the hardcore supplement company in Jessica Samborsky. The product was basically a cookier version of the Cookies and Cream flavor of ISOBlast, which had even more cookie pieces in the powder. This coming Friday, we’re getting another one of those sorts of flavors in an all-new Peanut Butter Cups flavor of ISOBlast, also loaded with inclusions.

Apollon Nutrition’s Peanut Butter Cups ISOBlast pairs a rich chocolate and smooth peanut butter flavor with more miniature chocolate peanut butter cups than you could want, at least in a protein powder. It has that same lean nutrition profile fans have come to expect from ISOBlast with 25g of protein, with slightly higher carbohydrates and fat due to the inclusions. Again, the product is arriving this coming Friday over at and will be the supplement’s eighth flavor overall.