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Beyond Raw continues to give back to its premium pre-workout with Sour Green Apple

Beyond Raw Sour Green Apple Concept X

GNC’s reputable and exclusive brand, Beyond Raw, has been pretty impressive since introducing its premium competitor for the pre-workout category, Concept X, quickly expanding its selection of flavors from the original three. The product built for energy, focus, pumps, performance, and recovery debuted in Sweet & Tart, Gummy Worm, and Orange Mango, then earlier this year, it added another two more tastes to its menu in Peach Iced Tea and the two-part recipe Watermelon Lemonade.

Again, it’s been great to see Beyond Raw give back to its loaded Concept X pre-workout, as more flavors are always welcome, as obviously, not everyone likes the same things. This week, the brand has added another taste to the family, in line with Watermelon lemonade and Orange Mango, being fruit-themed in Sour Green Apple. You can already grab the flavor extension from, where currently you get 20% off $100 and a further 10% if you pick up in-store, dropping Concept X to $45 each for two.