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Celsius set to continue its Vibe Series of flavors in Astro Vibe and Galaxy Vibe

Celsius Galaxy Vibe And Celsius Astro Vibe

It was recently revealed that arriving in the New Year, despite the beverage only coming to market within the last month, are another two flavors of the Celsius Essential Energy Drink in Mango Tango and a fruit punch recipe named Fruit Burst. That’s not all the team at Celsius has up its sleeve for the near future; it is also rolling out two fresh new flavor innovations for its flagship beverage, and both of them are going to continue that “Vibe” theme and naming convention we’ve seen so much.

This past year, Celsius has dropped a slew of Vibe flavors of its signature Celsius Energy Drink, including Fantasy Vibe, Oasis Vibe, and Cosmic Vibe. The upcoming options for the brand expand on Cosmic Vibe as they, too, involve a bit of astronomy with Galaxy Vibe and Astro Vibe. The former, the Celsius Galaxy Vibe energy drink, is a refreshing combination of strawberry and watermelon, while the Celsius Astro Vibe Energy Drink is a little simpler and a bit more traditional with blue raspberry.

Both Celsius’ Galaxy Vibe and Astro Vibe will feature the star energy drink’s usual formula, with metabolism-boosting properties, vitamins, minerals, and a moderate 200mg of natural caffeine. The upcoming flavor extensions will also continue the Celius Energy Drink’s commitment to a clean nutrition profile with no sugar and a low-calorie count of 10 per can.

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