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Conteh goes with a blend of whey isolate and concentrate for its newest protein powder

Conteh Repair Protein Powder

Conteh Sports has shared a much better preview of its previously teased upcoming supplement Repair, which we suspected to be a protein powder, and that is precisely what it is. This isn’t the first time the UK-based brand has had a competitor in the category of protein powder; it most recently had True Whey. That supplement relies entirely on whey concentrate to provide 20g of protein a serving and a lean 98 calories.

The soon-to-be-released Conteh Sports Repair takes a slightly different approach to True Whey, where instead of only using whey concentrate to provide its protein, it has a blend of fast-absorbing whey isolate and whey concentrate. The nutrition profile of the new product will be just as high in protein and balanced as True Whey, but again, the difference is that blend, which will result in a higher price due to the infusion of isolate.

Conteh Sports plans on launching Repair shortly in a few flavor options, with only one of them confirmed so far in a traditional chocolate taste that sounds like a heavy recipe fit for chocolate lovers in Triple Chocolate.