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Ekkovision is introducing a very different look in its second Joel Twinem pre-workout Optismal

Ekkovision Reveal Optismal Pre Workout

Ekkovision is gearing up for its next big supplement drop, and we already know it involves two completely new products by way of the premium protein powder Isolate and the loaded hydration formula Ekkolyte. Also in that group is going to be an entirely new pre-workout, an area of the sports nutrition industry the young and growing Ekkovision specializes, introducing Optismal, although it is taking up the spot of a product that’s already out there.

Optismal is going to take over the position of Joel Twinem’s pre-workout, currently filled by the four-month-old Outkast, available in tingle and tingle-free options, the former having beta-alanine and the latter no beta-alanine. We don’t know too much about the formula behind the supplement, although considering it is due to replace the well-put-together Outkast, we’re guessing it’ll center around a similar set and balance of benefits.

Ekkovision hyped Outkast as its most advanced pre-workout to date since its original powerhouse hit, Detheroner and the sequel Dethroner 2.0. It certainly packs plenty of highlights, but another thing that is coming in the Outkast replacement is an extremely different look from the brand. Optismal is going to be wearing a much more vibrant, graphically-driven design, which will certainly elevate the brand if it goes further as it will pop if expanded.

Ekkovision still hasn’t set an actual date for when its next round of releases is going live, but it is going to be soon, and again, it’s a loaded drop with Isolate, Ekkolyte, and now Optismal in the mix, giving plenty of new supplements for fans to add to their arsenal and a new type of product in Ekkolyte.